Representing a novel concept of supporting and promoting cross-cultural diversity, in terms of tradition, food, and dialogues. Dubai is a unique and probably only City hosting such a large diverse community, multinational and multicultural habitat exceeding their own nation by several folds. Celebrating the diversity of this great city Cross-Cultural Café & Bistro embracing the diverse eating habits, cuisine in a most casual and friendly environment.

Arabian architecture is overwhelming, yet its stand apart, familiar feel of the café next in the neighborhood. Attracts the visitor from America, Asia & Europe alike. Offering refreshing coffees and healthy options of Emirati and Western a-la-carte Breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta, Salads, Char-Grilled Kebabs, pies all day long. For Lunch/Dinner; mouthwatering food from the Western world, authentic and exotic camel meat and dairy products from Arabian and Emirati cuisine spicing up with Twisted Tandoori Indian dishes and Sizzling Wok Asian delicacies.

Cross Cultural Cafe & Bistro is a place where you can relax or recharge, meet, build a conversation, or get connected. Indoor and outdoor seating is available with free Wi-Fi.

It’s a fully licensed Bistro, serving exciting cocktails, wines, and beers while you enjoy relaxing lounge music or view your favorite sports.

Location: Ground Floor

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